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While many have, no doubt, heard the term aviation consultant, they are not exactly sure as to the duties of an aviation consultant or what it even really means. Aviation consultancy is one of the most important jobs in the aviation business. It is an integral cog of the industry and makes sure that everyone and everything is up to code while recommending ways to save money. 

What is an Aviation Consultant? 

Aviation consultants help aircraft owners with a variety of services, including engineering and design as well as crew certifications. These services are beneficial to aviation companies as they attempt to comply with FAA rules and regulations. One can work in aviation consulting if they have a strong aviation background and a drive to assist businesses reach their full potential.

Skills Needed

Aviation consultants must be up to date on industry developments. They should be familiar with FAA regulations and the process of obtaining required certifications. Consultants, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, require strong analytical abilities in order to assess numerous sources of data and give recommendations to customers. To deliver FAA explanations and instructions in a clear and thorough manner, one must be a competent communicator. In order to create relationships with current and new clients, aviation consultants also need interpersonal skills.

Assisting Clients

On a daily basis, aviation consultants work with clients. Aviation consultants, according to the website of Aero Consulting Experts, must first determine their clients’ demands before offering services. Consultants conduct a case assessment of the organization and develop a strategy after being hired. In some cases, the company may be dealing with a recent plane crash, in which case the aviation consulting firm serves as a public relations firm. Another client may require major aircraft maintenance work, which the consultant negotiates the availability and pricing of.

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  • Earn a Relevant Degree

To work as an aviation consultant, one will need a bachelor’s degree in aviation administration at the very least. Aviation and transportation, aviation laws, air traffic control systems, transportation legislation, airport management, and aircraft accident investigation are just a few of the courses that prospective students can anticipate to complete in these programmes. Specializations in aviation management and airport management are available in some of these degree programmes.

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  • Gain Career Skills

In the world of aviation, a flight attendant profession requires simply a high school diploma and certification, as well as experience. This role, as well as others in the aviation field that include data analysis, transportation management, or administration, might improve one’s skill level and job chances for a career as an aviation consultant.

  • Secure a Position

Although the criteria for aviation consultant employment differ, individuals with experience and further training are more qualified for securing a position. With extra training and related experience, aspiring aviation consultants can start their careers as junior aviation consultants and work their way up to senior aviation consultants or other roles in the sector.

ALTUS Malaysia is an aviation consultancy firm. It is one of the most trusted firms for aviation consultation services in Malaysia.

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