Benefits Of A Metal Roof

With the metal roofing and the trim installed, you use a protective pipe sealant (sealant) to caulk the joints between the “J” rim and the chimney and other items coming out of the house roof. Do not use tar on the surface since it will soil the finish of the coating with the runoff of the rain.

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The Strengths Of Sheet Metal Roofing

The sheet metal is light. As such, a sheet metal roof is appreciated for its ease of pemasangan bumbung besi and its affordable price and will constitute a perfect coating for certain buildings: workshops, garages, warehouses, garden sheds, or even your house.

The sheet metal roof is suitable for different types of roofs, such as rounded roofs or steep pitched roofs. It is waterproof and can support the weight of a person (for maintenance). 

The sheet metal roof has a lifespan which can range from 10 to 30 years.

From an aesthetic point of view, the sheet metal roof is available with several colors and tile imitations. The sheet is perfectly waterproof, insensitive to fungi or termites.

It is one of the most economical roof coverings.

Corrugated Iron For Roofing

Its wavy shape is characteristic. The corrugated sheet metal roofs are usually treated against corrosion. For coastal areas, choose roofing sheet with a thicker coating for greater corrosion resistance.

The corrugated shape of the panels allows ventilation between the frame and the roof sections and allows the panels to overlap while forming a seal that will not allow water to pass through.

Tile Imitation Sheet

The imitation tile sheet is a sheet metal roof that imitates the appearance of the tile. There is also imitation tile steel tray to designate this roof covering. It is a galvanized steel panel, about 1 m², stamped so as to adopt the relief of tiles, nested one in the other. It is then painted to mimic the color of the tiles and sometimes a grainy finish is added for a better optical illusion effect.

The imitation tile sheet is used as part of a renovation, it is used for example to replace a fiber cement roof, when you want to convert a garage into a living room or when you want to develop your garden shed.

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