Benefits Of Social Media

Social media is proof that you don’t need to be near someone to communicate with them. Of course, you can talk and SMS someone back in the day but that costs us way too much. Social media was a breakthrough in the communication sector and a downfall to telecommunication sectors. We now could talk and message each other without it costing us a penny unless you count the internet of course. Social media has made us think out what we post and say so much, so we have changed the way we display ourselves. So here are some benefits of social media.

Benefits of Social Media for Students - Benefits Of Social Media

Whether you like it or not, social media is a cost effective way for us to communicate with friends and family around the world. The old phones used to charge regular people like us a fortune just to call our friends and family who were hundreds of kilometres away. Now all you need is to invest in your phone, and with the simple push of the install button at the playstore, you have hundreds of messaging apps at your disposal. In certain apps such as kakao talk, WhatsApp calls and others you can even call another person without charging a single penny. This is granted as long as you have a stable internet connection as that is the medium needed to connect the call.

Social media has also taught us to value our privacy and who we share our images to. Once upon a time, when you join social media companies Malaysia, you would have set your profile to public and didn’t care who saw your images. Unfortunately, as technology progressed, so did the stalkers and scammers who used individual’s information to pry on them and scare them. Now all of us are more cautious of what we post and share online. We all should strive to avoid sharing sensitive posts such as matters of historical elements which are undesirable such as blackface and the KKK.

Next, social media has also boosted the e-shopping market. If it wasn’t for social media sharing about sites like Lazada and Shopee, we wouldn’t have known what they were in the first place. Thanks to social media we were exposed to online shopping and hence a whole new industry was created. This allowed for more job opportunities and at the same time allowed us to enjoy while things we desired came to our home. Social media sites such as facebook and Instagram has now made their own marketplace where they allow users to sell any items that they desire such as second-hand clothing, vintage pieces and anything that can be sold. Instagram allowed big name brand stores such as Prada, coach and many others to display their products online and you can even buy it there if you want to. Talk about convenience.

Social media is a wonderful creation that has changed to way we interact with people in our day to day lives. No matter how far we are with our family, we have the opportunity to see them posting photos on what they are doing as well as dropping them a call or conversation whenever we can. Without social media, this would not have been possible. 

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