Debunking The Myths Of Digital Marketing

The digital age is here. Our businesses have gone online, so have the shoppers. So, it is only natural that the marketing goes digital as well, right?

The wave of digital marketing requires some extra attention. It is a whole new regime and it differs greatly from the traditional marketing we grew up with. Today, we have younger kids from generation Alpha who has no idea about the traditional modes of marketing. Digital marketing has evolved into a new entity and learning about it requires an open mind, some creativity, and willingness to adapt.

The adaptation to digital marketing really has not been a choice for many businesses since the pandemic. 2020 began for us with consumers flocking their way to the internet, mobile devices, and social media because of the lockdowns.

Some of us have been in lockdown for less than a year while others are still in lockdown. Wherever we are around the world, we cannot deny that the pandemic changed us as consumers. Our behavior towards shopping and trends in consumption changed.

Businesses had to abandon their million-dollar billboards to invest the money into digital marketing. Small business owners who were tech-savvy were thriving because they understood every crook and cranny of internet marketing. From google ads to web marketing, businesses are left with a world full of opportunities for promotional activities. But this vast amount of opportunities are left in the dark as a result of the myths surrounding digital marketing.

Today, we are going to debunk some of these myths. And we are going to help people develop a fresh perspective on the world of digital marketing.

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Digital Marketing Is About Social Media

The world hears this far too often. But for the umpteenth time, digital marketing does not equal social media. Digital marketing is part of your overall marketing strategy. And social media is a subset of the digital marketing strategy. It is a channel used in the digital marketing strategy. Just like website marketing, affiliate marketing, we have social media marketing as part of the overall digital marketing plan Digital marketing serves the purpose of attracting visitors over the internet, social media, and all the digital channels you have chosen to fulfill your marketing objectives.  

Content Marketing Is About Just Content Of Any Form

Content marketing is a lot more complex than we have made it seem. Content marketing strategist takes their time to come up with content that serves the purpose of their overall digital marketing plan, post according to the customer preferences and interests, and use it as a form of inbound marketing. Meaning that content marketing is about bringing your customer to you, attracting them towards you instead of pushing the content to their faces. But how can we do that in a world of over-saturated content? Many create good content. Content like video, blogs, articles, reels, stories, and so many more.

But good quality content is not all it takes for your digital marketing to succeed. Content marketing needs to complemented with SEO practices to make maximize its visibility. SEO, also known as search engine optimization involves practices that make your content optimized and visible on the search engine. It makes your content stand out and pop on the first page when people search for a related keyword. Does your content have the keywords? The engagement? Backlinks? Internal Links? If you don’t, it’s about time we take a double look at our knowledge of content marketing and SEO. If you are currently in the works of revamping your SEO and content marketing strategy, you can check out the best seo company in Malaysia.

You Need A Large Audience For Your Digital Marketing To Work

So many people assume the success of a digital marketing plan by the number of visitors you get to your website or the number of followers you have. Numbers and quantities are important. They can make a difference in your positioning on the google world, social media, and the overall internet. Exposure also increases and brand awareness increases with more and more people clicking on your website, or reading your blog or following your social media. But a big following or large traffic is not as important as attracting the right type of people. The right type of people is how you get conversions, they consume your products and services. they have the economic power to purchase from you and help you. They have the power to influence others about your brand.

The quality of your visitor is much more important than the quantity. Many businesses complain that they have visitors or followers, but have no sales. There is no correlation between a high number of visitors and digital marketing success, as much as there is a relation between the right visitors and successful digital marketing.

 You Need An Interesting Business For Digital Marketing

Repeat after me, digital marketing is for everyone.

There is no specified group that will benefit from digital marketing. Do you run a liver medicine company? Might not be appealing to all but even this business has its own niche. Every business has its own target market. And every digital marketing plan has its own targeted segment of customers on the internet. There are over 3 billion people on the internet and each and every one of them is interested in different things.

The beauty of digital marketing is you could use various channels to keep your target audience engaged in the way it fits your business. A beauty enthusiast specializing in skincare can have a specified social media marketing plan with YouTube and Instagram and combining her platforms with website marketing. A technology firm specializing in car coatings and sanitization may not sound interesting to everyone but there is a niche of car lovers who will definitely be interested in the content you may produce. Compelling and organized use of various digital marketing channels can make all the difference to improving your business and seeing success in your digital marketing.

So do you have any more slightly untrue perceptions held about the world of digital marketing? It is important to understand that digital marketing is for everyone. Whether you are a huge company like Mercedes, or a mom working from home running her business, you need digital marketing to make a difference with your targeted customer segment.

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