Effective Digital Marketing Techniques

Oxygen, digital marketing is like oxygen. For companies who wish to thrive these days, it will be a grave mistake to miss out on digital marketing. But like traditional marketing, there are many ways in which you can do it digitally. 

But also similar to traditional marketing, digital marketing can be very time consuming when you want to perfect it. So many companies employ the use of digital marketing firms in order to assist them while they focus on working on the company.

In this article, we will look at the many forms of digital marketing that are effective in their own rights. 

#1. SEM and SEO.

I’d like for you to meet two people, SEM and SEO. These two will help your company’s website be seen easily on Google, but they both have different ways of doing so.


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SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of altering your site, technically and visually, to ensure that it gets seen by the Google bots that can help place it on the first page of the search engine results, which is imperative to getting your company seen. 

Usual SEO techniques involve technical SEO, which is ensuring that a website has good functionality and that it loads fast. In addition to this, marketers will need to familiarise themselves with finding keywords that people may use to find your product and using them in the website in a manner that is not spam, this can be done through the use of good copywriting and perhaps, a dedicated blog on the site (We will get into blogs with content creation below). 

Visual SEO ensures good usability for the users and good user usability is key to SEO and Digital Marketing. 

Now with the implementations of HTTPS requirements, Google now favours those pages who have a secure socket layered, hypertext transfer protocol (HTTPS) in the URL. With online privacy being such a big thing nowadays, it is important for your site to be secure for your users. 

Google is always altering its algorithms for SEO, so no one will fully know how to do it. So far the safest bets are backlinking from high authority sites and content creation. So for a person who is not well versed in it all, it is best they get a Digital Marketing service like Sterrific to assist them with their SEO needs. 


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Similar to SEO, Search Engine Marketing also involves the process of getting your website seen on the first page of the Google Search results. Only this time, it involves paid advertising. 

This is great for those who want to skip the entire SEO processes and get immediate results. With Google, you can use the Google Ads services for this. 

It is best that you get familiar with the processes of Google Ads, but there are always firms that could assist with managing your Google Ads. 

#2. Content Marketing

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The creation of content can greatly assist in your digital marketing efforts. The content can serve many purposes and can come in different forms. However, you must ensure that the content also serves a purpose and has an amount of usefulness for any and all who come across it. 

The content must also be relevant to your respective industry as well, there is no point in writing about the features of a new smartphone if your company is one that sells customised cakes. 

Content you put out can show people that your company is well versed in the industry it is in, especially if the content is valuable. 

Content can also be used for SEO purposes without having the need to use more illicit forms like black-hat SEO. Because when you create content, specifically articles, you can find ways to add keywords in that content without spamming it in unusual places in your page. 

But now another important factor you need to consider for content marketing, you need to ensure it’s readability on all platforms including mobile platforms, which brings us to the next point.

#3. Responsive Web Design and Compatibility

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Over 50% of searches and visits to websites will all be done on mobile in the near future, which makes sense if you think about it. Mobile phones and other portable platforms are convenient, if you have mobile data or WiFi access you can easily search up for something on the spot.

So what does this mean for digital marketing?

Well for a start, ensuring that websites are compatible on mobile platforms is a must. Websites that are not mobile compatible will be frustrating to use when people are on them using the mobile phone. The buttons will be too small, users will need to zoom in to see texts properly, etc. 

Overall, not a good experience which may lead to frustration which leads to people leaving. Knowing that there is now a significant number of mobile users, by not having a mobile friendly site, you may lose that significant number and it may be detrimental to your company.

Finally, it should be worth mentioning that Google also favours those sites with mobile compatibility much better then sites that don’t, so being mobile friendly is also a key tactic for Search Engine Optimisation. 

#4. Social Media

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Ah, how can we forget Social Media. The biggest Digital Marketing tool that has become known to companies ever since it became a thing. Listen, if your company has no social media presence, then I don’t know what to tell you. Actually I do know, and what I’ll tell you is that you NEED to have a social media presence, you just need to!

Social Media is everything in Digital Marketing, it is the most helpful tool for it. By missing out on social media you are just missing out on the easiest way to digitally market.

Social Media allows you to engage with customers and gather potential customers and leads. It allows for your company to brand yourself, hence it is a great digital marketing technique.

So if you are going to miss out one one digital marketing technique, make sure it is not Social Media.


And those were some of the useful techniques for digital marketing! Remember, it is everything these days so be sure to use them when marketing your company and your brand. 

So remember digital marketing is the way forward!

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