Five Tupperware Meals You Can Make In 10 Minutes

Do you carry a “tupper ” every day from your home to your workplace? Not only do you save the odd euro on the cafeteria menu, but you also guarantee to eat foods that you like. Because carrying a lunch box is not synonymous with eating badly, but quite the opposite: you know how that dish was cooked and the ingredients it contains. In this way, and as the years in which the containers have evolved and adapted to your needs have progressed for Home meal prep, right now it is possible to transport any traditional recipe in a tupper , no matter how elaborate and complicated it may be. In some cases you will need to find a microwaveto warm the food a little, but on other occasions, as we propose below, you can also eat it at room temperature in case you cannot heat it. Everything will depend on the recipe you carry.

Food not suitable for “tupperware”

We know that sensation in which we do not know if what we are transporting has overturned or we have given it more than one blow. Therefore, it is essential to carefully choose the dish that we are going to take from one place to another. Salads, meats are suitable to carry in a “tupper” as long as the sauces and dressing are in a separate container and never the seasoned food. However, some meats or fish are not suitable to carry in the lunch box since bacterial contamination can occur, which increases with changes in temperature that the dish undergoes.

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Zucchini noodles with garlic

Simple sauté for 4-5 minutes with 3-4 sliced garlic cloves, a little ground colored pepper, salt and olive oil. Do it with high heat so that the zucchini does not release water.

If you like spicy you can also add a cayenne! To this dish you can add grated cheese, a poached or grilled egg, some pine nuts or any dried fruit, or you can make some grilled meat or fish and use as a garnish.

They can also be cooked with your favorite pasta sauce; Bolognese, ratatouille, cheese sauce, carbonara.

You have to clean the cuttlefish and cut it into small pieces. We put a thread of oil in a paella or frying pan and add the cuttlefish. Once it is done, reserve.

In the same pan we will mark the peeled prawns and also reserve them. We put the oil, garlic, parsley and chilli in a pot or casserole, and sauté it for a few minutes.

Then we add the chickpeas and stir for a few minutes. We add the 2 tablespoons of fried tomato and cover it with the broth or fish stock. Cover and let part of the broth be consumed for approximately 10 minutes.

After this time you will be able to add the raw clams so that they open and minutes later we will add the prawns and the cuttlefish, mix well. And ready to serve.

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