How to Use an Airtight Pot?

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Using the airtight pot is not a mystery. Clean and sanitized, it is ready to store food in the best way. And leveraging it properly can help you save money by reducing waste. See other uses for the pot:

Freezing: leftovers, portions, semi-finished foods. If frozen as quickly as possible with airtight pots, the flavor, color and nutrients will remain as if they were fresh;

Decoration: bet on decorations to obtain a pleasant visual effect.

Organization: use stackable pots for a better distribution and optimization of space on shelves, drawers, cabinets and countertops;

At the Table: Jars are a great way to serve chocolate, cereal, cookies, and more without the original packaging, but keeping a home cooked food container that will serve both serving and storage.

What to store in airtight jars?

An extra airtight jar is a necessity in every home. This is because the tool can be used to store almost everything in the kitchen. Cakes, cookies, chocolates, chocolates, jams, sauces, spices, toasts, cereals, grains are some of the options to keep and preserve in this container. The pot is also ideal for:

  • Jams and jellies: prefer glass jars that are sterilizable;
  • Coffee powder: the pot will keep the freshness and aroma of the powder for a longer time;
  • General groceries: rice, beans, flour, popcorn and other groceries will be free of weeds and moisture;
  • Small objects: nails, screws, hinges and iron elements in general will be free of rust and rust;
  • Candies and sweets: In addition to beautifully replacing baleiros, airtight pots will keep ants and other insects away;

Homemade seasoning – even without preservatives it will last longer in an airtight jar;

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Spices – Like coffee, spices will retain their aroma and freshness for longer.

Where to buy and how much does the airtight pot cost?

You can buy airtight pots at home utility stores like Havan, Etna, and Lojas Americanas.

It is also possible to buy online, taking advantage of all the convenience and variety offered by e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Mercado Livre.

The values ​​of the pots vary according to the model, brand and size. It is possible to find simpler versions for less than R $ 10. On the other hand, sets, larger models and differentiated designs can cost more than R $ 100.

Games are a great investment to decorate the kitchen

Purchase criteria: Factors to compare the types of airtight can

To wrap up the Review, now that we’ve given you enough information about airtight pots, we’ll give you one more hand so that you can choose the right pot in your kitchen. See the list of features to consider when comparing the types of this product:

  • Template
  • Material
  • Cap type
  • Capacity
  • Check the details of the features, so there are no doubts:
  • Template

The objectives of use can be the most varied for an airtight bottle. Therefore, it is good that the market offers so many options for different formats and models.

The ideal is to invest in different pots, with different formats and capacities, so that there are options for the most diverse needs.

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The most commonly used materials in the manufacture of airtight pots are glass, stainless steel, ceramic, acrylic and plastic. In general, all these materials are resistant to cold and heat, being suitable for use in the refrigerator, freezer, microwave and dishwasher.

In the case of plastic or acrylic pots, make sure that the material of the chosen model is free of bisphenol-a (BPA), a compound used in the production of plastics that is harmful to health. Also, make sure the product is made from ‘virgin’ raw material, free from contamination.

The material must be non-toxic and completely sterilizable. Antimicrobial protection is another desirable feature for the product.

Beautiful and functional, the airtight jars are well displayed and are a good option to go to the table.

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