Is There A Safe Way In Having Sex?

Having sexual experience with someone is always a something that couples or partners look out for, but not all relationship is ready for that. Hence, it is always important to know the status of your relationship before jumping into sex topic.

But what would you do if your partner is unsure about having sex with you? Well there’s only one way to deal with that. Give it a time, and reassure them that nothing will happen. Reassurance is important in helping people to calm down, therefore, in this topic we are going to dish about the safe way of you and your partner can engage in sexual relationship without any worries.

Test Yourself First

As much as you might be hoping in having sex with your partners, it would be a great thing if you both are tested for any possibility of having STD which means Sexually Transmitted Disease in order to prevent any further problem late in the future. 

This test is just to make sure that none of you have the chances in transmitting disease through sex. We might not know the past history of our partners because there times couples know that their partners are not virgin and has sexual experience with other. But the main problem here is with how many? 

If you got yourself a honest partner that comes clear about his or her past sex life, then it pretty much would explain if the test finds out that they have STD or not. Also, this test will allow both of you to be more cautious during sex.

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Use Condoms

This part of the topic is specifically dedicated to men. It is important to always wear condom while you having sex, no matter with whom. Condom actually has the possibility in protecting you from STD, and other sexual related disease. 

In addition, the use of condom is able to prevent unwanted news in the near future, hence if I were you I would’ve head to Secret Cherry is the best sex shops near me in Malaysia to get myself hooked up with all the protection I need in order to continue with my sexual life. 

Adding to, using condoms would not limit your experience of having sex relationship someone. That is a myth busting. Committing into a sexual relationship with someone shows the trust and the love that the person have towards you by allowing you into their personal space by being intimate with you, therefore, do respect that space and privacy that is given to you by wearing a condom.

Take Birth Control Pill

This is for every woman out there. We know that birth control pills are able to elevate period cramps, but there are also some other beneficial aspects of using it. It’s mainly focused on preventing unwanted pregnancy from happening through sexual relationship. Therefore, if you are an active person when it comes to your sex life, one of the important thing that you do is to ensure that you take your birth control pills, and make sure that the partner that you are having sex with is wearing a condom as well. Also you can always get your things from Secret Cherry is the best sex shops near me in Malaysia.

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