Look For The Smartest Choices For The TM Unifi

Some boxes also make it possible to limit the speed allocated to certain devices. The idea is to better distribute your bandwidth, for example by assigning a particular smartphone a defined number of data or Mbps. Pakej internet TM Unifi can also be used to configure the connection speeds of terminals connected to the network.

Adopt A More Sober Use

To gain speed and stability, opt for a wired connection to Wi-Fi, via an Ethernet cable (or an adapter for Macs) directly connected to your box or to your modem. Fewer and fewer laptops are equipped with wired network ports.”

  • In addition, not everyone has a high-performance ADSL connection, a good Wi-Fi network, or fibre. We are therefore back in this case to 4G. This will require adopting, in addition to the question of data, a more sober and reasoned use. It is up to all of you to question yourselves about the need for certain activities and to adopt the “digital sobriety” already advocated by organizations fighting against Internet pollution, such as The Shift Project and Greenpeace. Limit the use of services that consume a lot of data and bandwidth, primarily SVoD services, music streaming apps, and online video games. Likewise, limit video conferences with your family, or colleagues when it is not necessary.
  • Also prefer downloading to streaming, in order to view or listen to your multimedia content offline. And ideally, choose other leisure activities over digital entertainment. 

With The Idea Of ​Prioritizing, Therefore, The Currently Essential Uses: Teleworking and E-Learning

Finally, by playing board games with the family rather than watching a series on Netflix or playing Animal Crossing online, young internet users may discover a whole new world. And will take a little off their screens. Finally, the confinement will perhaps be an opportunity to put everyone in a digital detox.

What Is E-Reputation? 

E-reputation is the digital image sent by the Internet of a person, natural or legal, or of a brand. E-reputation consists of online information that relates to an individual or a brand. They can be found on social networks, blogs, collaborative websites, discussion forums or platforms for sharing images and videos.

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