Platform Supply Vessels (PSV) As Per The Deals

Our Platform Supply Vessels (PSV) range in length from 190 feet to over 250 feet and are generally used to transfer necessary equipment and additional crew to boost deepwater drilling and production operations. These PSV are versatile and dependable, and they can perform regular offshore supply vessel construction and maintenance operations. PSV vessel Malaysia has the versatility to meet any particular requirements customers may have, including Dynamic Positioning, methanol capabilities, high volume liquid mud, and dry bulk capacity, thanks to one of the industry’s largest fleets of PSV. Customers can also choose a single vessel to meet all of their requirements.

Design and characteristics of the PSV 5000 CD

Flare-less bow and narrow hull lines characterize the monohull watercraft. It’s built to provide good visibility in sub-arctic conditions with strong winds, high waves, snow, and icebergs. Each vessel will be built in compliance with the DMV classified Green Passport designation, resulting in lower fuel consumption and more efficient cargo intake capacity.

For operations in the Grand Banks area, the PSV will have iceberg management equipment, while the IRM vessel will have a 100t crane with an advanced heave compensation (AHC) system.

The vessel will be 90 metres long, with a moulded beam of 19 metres, a moulded depth of 8 metres, and a summer draught of 6.3 metres. The vessel’s deadweight will be 5,000 tonnes.

Deck systems and equipment

With a deck size of 1,020m2 and a vertical centre of gravity (VCG) of 1 m above the deck, the vessel can carry a deck load of 2,800t.

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Capacity of tanks and cargo handling schemes

2,000m3 of ballast or drill water, 600m3 of fuel oil, 1,060m3 of drinkable water, 1,250m3 of liquid mud, 1,500m3 of recovered oil, 1,200m3 of fuel oil cargo, and 380m3 of dry bulk can be stored in the vessel’s storage tanks.

Two 200m3/h ballast or drill water pumps, two 100m3/h liquid mud oil pumps, two 200m3/h fuel oil pumps, two 200m3/h fresh water pumps, two 75t/h dry bulk loading systems, two liquid mud systems agitators, circulation system, and a hot water tank cleaning system will be among the cargo handling systems.

Communication and navigation

The PSV will be fitted with X-band and S-band navigation radars, as well as an electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS), a DP-2 dynamic positioning system, and a global marine distress and safety system (Area A3) (GMDSS).

System of propulsion

Two main diesel engines as well as two 2,200kW electric motors will power fixed pitch, two twin-propeller, azimuthing thrusters and two 880kW bow thrusters in the diesel-electric propulsion system. At 5 m draught, the power plant will produce a speed of 14k.

Four 1,800ekW primary generator sets, a 238ekW emergency generator, and a waste heat recovery scheme will make up the auxiliary equipment. The diesel-electric propulsion system will be configured with azimuth stern drives to boost fuel economy and reduce pollution.

To comply with future environmental laws, the PSV 5000 CD will also include a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system for NOx reduction.

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