Self-Care During Quarantine

You have received one of the worst news in your life, they said that you might have close contact with people that are positive with Covid 19 and you have to do a swab test to know about your condition. After, doing a swab test it is crucial for you to quarantine yourself so that other people will not be at risk of catching the virus. 

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Dr.Clo Covid 19

Isolating yourself away from other people for 14 days can be hard especially if you are waiting for the news of whether you are positive or not. During this hard time, you need to take care of yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically. Here are some things that you can do to take care of yourself during quarantine. 

Keep in contact

It is not advisable for us to be alone during our hard times. Even though, you are isolating doesn’t mean you need to be alone and not talk to anyone. Nowadays you can easily video call your loved ones no matter the distance is. Receiving support and love during this time is crucial for your well-being, so call them and tell them about your worries or simply communicate with them to distract you from overthinking. 

Sweat yourself

Being alone doesn’t mean you can be lazy! Move your body and sweat it out. Taking care of yourself physically is also important. You don’t have to do any hard exercise, just some light stretching or yoga is good enough for your well-being. By doing this, you can increase the blood flow in your body and your oxygen intake. Besides that, your sleeping quality will increase and your stress and anxiety level can decrease. 

Comfort food 

You might lose your appetite due to many reasons, however, it is important to fill your body with all of the needed nutrition to promote health and give energy to your body. It is important for you and your body to eat food that has nutritions like chicken soup. Eating warm and easy-to-consume food is good for you especially when you are not feeling well. This food is also easy for you to prepare and store in your fridge. You can just easily warm it back in your microwave or your stove. Drinking warm tea is also good for your body, you can add some herbs like ginseng to it. 

Feed your brain

Not doing anything can be good for you but not doing anything for a really long time is not that good. You can do many activities to make sure that your brain is working well, you can read any books, try new things like a puzzle or painting, you can also try journaling and expressing your thoughts and emotions during this hard time. 

Covid 19 is hard on everyone and every person is struggling to cope with the new norms. That is why it is important to take care of yourself and your loved ones, with the help of Dr.Clo Covid 19  you can protect yourself and your loved ones against Covid 19. 

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