Study Clinical Psychology: 6 Reasons To Do It

The Psychology Career seeks to train a professional capable of understanding and analyzing the complexity and diversity of the discipline’s field of study, located in a socio-historical-political and cultural context, with a reflective, critical and ethical attitude. At the same time, he is an autonomous and proactive professional, who has the ability to investigate, diagnose, intervene and evaluate -through methods recognized by his own discipline and related- psychological processes in people, groups, communities and organizations, being also capable of integrating interdisciplinary teams.

For this purpose, the different fields of career training -clinical, educational, legal, and social, community psychology, work and organizations, experimental and neuroscience, and / or other emerging fields- enable the graduate to carry out a reflective professional action, with the opportunity to gradually specialize in specific areas of the profession. Likewise, it problematizes the work by exercising an active and transforming role in society, assuming a commitment and acting ethically in the exercise of the profession and proactively seeking the promotion of human development and well-being of people, groups, communities and organizations.

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Advantages of studying Psychology

To conclude, below are the advantages of studying Psychology and exercising this great career.

Access to competitive salaries

The average salary of graduates of the Psychology career, according to the Widad Institute for is RM5,000 per month. This level of income clearly exceeds the average salary of workers and, in addition, you can earn much more if you stand out as a professional in this discipline.

For example, obtaining a graduate degree allows psychologists to experience salary increases of more than 80%. However, this is not the only degree that offers competitive salary. Getting a diploma in tourism studies also brings excellent career advancements.

Knowledge to maintain your mental and sentimental stability

This is not to say that you will be able to treat yourself from a rigorous and professional point of view; but it is a reality that the knowledge that the Psychology career will give you will help you in your daily life.

Emotional intelligence and self-control are some of the qualities that you can strengthen thanks to the psychological principles that you will study.

Multiple specialization alternatives

This career is characterized by having various branches, such as:

  • Child psychology
  • Clinical psychology
  • Family psychology
  • Organizational psychology
  • Psychotherapy

Because of this, after graduating you will have multiple specialization opportunities through postgraduate degrees and quality work experiences.

Very good! If you got this far you already know a lot about the study of Psychology. So, does this sound like the ideal career for you?

If so, it is time for you to evaluate in which institution to pursue this degree, as well as the type of studies you will choose, since currently young people interested in training have different options, both in person and online.

It is important that the university you choose has solid experience in training professionals and offers official academic programs.

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