The Rise of Multi Level Marketing During Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world in the span of a year, forcing everyone to stay at home being bored for an indefinite amount of time. While non-working citizens are suffering a lesser consequence as they are not able to find entertainment, working citizens are suffering a major loss as some of them are being paid less than their usual salary while some are let go by their companies as the country’s economy starts to plummet. Some let-go employees are able to use their work experience to establish their own business to help non-working citizens who can’t adapt to the new lifestyle like elderly and single housewives. However, there is one business that people at home can invest into and that is multi level marketing.

Multi level marketing, or MLM, is a marketing strategy where a company recruits distributors to help them sell their products and are paid by commissions. MLM might appeal to non-working citizens as they are only required to sell as many products as possible and are paid accordingly by their sales. However, it is also a type of business that requires their full attention. Some of the major companies we know like Amway, Tupperware and Herbalife are actually MLM companies who specialize in distributing not only their specialized products, but other types of products as well. These companies help certain regions in the country to have access to products that they would otherwise wouldn’t. For soon-to-be establish MLM companies, how will they learn about the ins-and-outs of the MLM business

A network marketing software helps to provide MLM companies a platform to do their business more efficiently and productively as they are able to upload documents into the software and can be accessed by anyone under the company. This allows the higher ups to keep track of the progress of their distributors to ensure that they are performing their tasks appropriately while being able to communicate and create contingency plans to solve issues as quickly as possible. With the ability to customize the UI of MLM softwares, identifying a specific distributor has never been this easy before as they are able to add colors to tag their distributors appropriately. Additionally, MLM softwares allows their users to download a free demo of their software to allow them to test their limited features to clear any doubts about the software and compare with other similar softwares before paying for a license to their software.

MLM’s business has been booming since more people are becoming desperate to earn income. However, recently there is news of major MLM companies practicing unethical business methods to deceive their uneducated distributors. While MLM is supposed to be a direct selling marketing by definition, most MLM companies are using a pyramid scheme to scam their distributors into paying more money when they shouldn’t If you insist on investing into MLM, you should approach groups that specialized on MLM to learn more about MLM and finalize your decision to affiliate with a MLM company.

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