The Way We Backup And The Pandemic

The pandemic has been the root cause of many changes around the world. The biggest and the most obvious change to take place was the digital shift. The complete change from traditional methods to digital options was swift and fast as the world had to cope with the lack of face-to-face reliance. Everything became remote and online including our work, personal life, marriages, counseling, and even medical assistance. One of the more important shifts that had rather interesting implications was the shift in the way we backup information. Or rather, the fact we backup information at all.

The pandemic has undoubtedly caused a huge disruption in the IT world. With so many shifting to different IT solutions and data solutions, the number of crimes related to online activity and computer activities also increased. Cybercrime was at an all-time high as people struggled with how to protect themselves and back up their valuable documents, information, and data. So much of cybercriminal activity has been compliant in losses of major project data and ill recovery of months of work

So with the rising awareness of disruption and unprecedented changes, people looked for the best data backup solution Malaysia has to offer us. Data backup solutions of many different types were sought out. Most gravitated towards the cloud solutions provided by backup solution providers. More than 50 percent of private and public companies have shifted to cloud-to-cloud backup solutions to support their remote workers and improve workforce protection. 

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With the pandemic, the need for protection against phishing and ransomware also increased. Many remote workers, especially those who are not as familiar with the technological world are vulnerable to ransomware attacks and phishing emails. The personal network being attacked also causes a great vulnerability to the work documents. A large variety of work sectors were under pressure to get better alternatives to protect their systems from ransomware. Nevertheless, people still have the tendency to wait for a bigger consequence before taking an action. The pandemic is relentless and does not spare anyone with its consequences so it is alway better to guard ourselves with better backup solutions. 

More and more customers are recognizing their need for backup solutions. Especially cloud backup solutions. The cloud backup solutions do not seem to be a thing of just the pandemic but it seems to be like a permanent change in everyone’s life. They want to be protected in the best possible way now that we are no longer contained by the chains of hardware.

More and more companies are also taking on initiatives to improve the learning experience with cloud-based solutions. They have taken on strategies to teach many elders and those less digitally savvy on how to productively use cloud solutions, Microsoft 365, and other things like G suite for business. 

Our business is not the only place where we need backup solutions. The pandemic has made us realize the backup solutions are necessary for our personal set of data as well. From old pictures to videos, all need to be stored for a long time. 

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