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Social networks can continue to work intensively on the development of self-regulation systems and guidelines in this new environment of digital coexistence that guarantees the safety of users to make the internet a space of freedom but also of trust. Education is the main asset to generate adequate participation in this environment; although education will be of no use if the most absolute respect for the privacy of the individual as a universal value is not demanded at the same time. Using the Time home fibre Malaysia for the work is also possible.

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Internet and culture

As in the field of education, it is a fact that the development of information and communication technologies, as well as the scope of globalization, is changing our very nature and also the meaning of cultural identity. We live in a complex world, where communication and cultural flows increasingly cross borders. Concepts like space, time and distance lose their traditional meaning. This is how cultural globalization was born and the global diffusion of actions and initiatives in this field was developed.

Again we find enormous opportunities for culture thanks to digital tools

The possibilities of publicizing a proposal, a work of art or knowledge multiply. In front of those who are pessimistic about the negative impact that the internet can have on culture, we are radically optimistic. The Internet makes it possible for a culture to be available to more people, in a simpler and faster way, and at the same time enables the development of new channels of expression for art and the dissemination of knowledge. It has even been considered that the Internet is not only a technology but is a cultural production in itself.

In addition to this effect in the strictest sense on culture, it has very important effects on innovation, which is what allows progress in all orders, and, therefore, on the advancement of knowledge, society, and creation. of goods and services, of ideas or well-being.

Internet and affective relationships

The Internet has also changed the way we relate to each other on an affective level. In this sense, we are now all in communication with everyone in a more accessible, immediate and simple way, bringing our personal and sentimental relationships closer to the computer screen, mobile phone or tablet.

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