Types of SAP Software for Your Business

What is SAP software?

SAP (Systems Solutions and Products) is the world’s largest vendor of Corporate Resource Planning (ERP) software and hardware enterprise applications. The ERP system of a firm allows its clients to operate their business operations, such as accounting, sales, procurement, human resource management, and finance, in a unified environment. SAP’s tight integration allows quick and seamless data flow between different SAP components and aids in the implementation of financial and regulatory controls.

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Implementation of SAP ERP system and software in business has been a very great help to make a business run smoothly and will be able to sustain in the industry for a very long time. There are various types of SAP systems with various functions and all of the systems or software are beneficial for the company.

In this article, I will briefly explain about 5 types of SAP software that is frequently used in business, especially in Malaysia.

1.       SAP Controlling (CO)

The controlling module assists in the process of planning, reporting, and tracking company activities. It entails techniques for viewing and organizing expenses necessary for financial statements. It entails keeping track of both the consumption of production components and the services offered by a company. The SAP managing module’s primary function is planning. It allows you to regulate business flows in your company by determining variations by evaluating real data to planned data.

2.       SAP Financial Accounting (FI)

As the name implies, the SAP FI module manages financial transactions inside businesses. SAP accounting software Malaysia enables workers to handle data associated with any financial and business activities in a centralized system. This module performs admirably in terms of reporting needs. It keeps track of all financial transactions involving the transportation of products, services, and other commercial transactions involving the firm and its consumers and vendors.

3.       SAP Human Capital Management (HCM)

SAP HCM module improves corporate HR department work processes and data management. This module handles everything from recruiting a worker to assessing one’s progress, handling rewards, compensation and benefits, processing payroll, and other HR-related operations. Organizational management is an essential SAP HR sub-module. It helps the company to depict the organizational plan as well as conduct an analysis of the current plan.

4.       SAP Commerce Cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud is a robust yet adaptable multi channel platform for B2B and B2C businesses. It has a variety of functionality for traditional sales revenue, such as multi-level versions, packages and bundles, and a lot of preconfigured promotions. It contributes to a uniform cross-channel buying experience and increases consumer loyalty. With SAP Commerce Cloud, many businesses gain from new sales channels, improved client experiences, the expansion of existing business models, and the marketing of new products.

5.       SAP Quality Management (QM)

The SAP QM module aids in the management of quality in production throughout an organization’s operations. This quality management module assists a company in accelerating their business by implementing an organized and functional approach to controlling quality in various operations. SAP quality management is generally utilized in quality control procedures employed by companies on items as they travel through the product life cycle, such as examining things as they enter a facility, throughout manufacturing, and when they are delivered out as finished goods.

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