Variety of Food and Delicious

With us wide – ranging self-service vending experience has been applied to the ingredients market to provide such a full number of smart F&B solutions generally ranging from identity and payment ticket machines, kitchen scanners, kitchen demonstrates, customer displays, and back-end data centre remote manageability solutions and services.

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The latest and inescapable wave of changes in the fast service F&B business is intelligent Nature of this type, intellectual Food and beverage, restaurant ordering, self-service restaurant, self-ordering and pick-up, or whatever you want to term it. The purpose is to maximise the consumer experience. To dramatically cut on operational expenses. To assist individuals become less dependent on their jobs. To make the operations more efficient.

With QubeKiosk, you might provide your clients with a frictionless and convenient meal ordering experience. By allowing customers order food without dealing with your employees, the Self-ordering Kiosk assists your restaurant in building community distancing.

Since the COVID-19 epidemic struck Malaysia in March 2020, a QR delivery service has become critical for F&B enterprises. In order to keep both personnel and data secure, it’s now a best practice for all types of F&B companies, particularly restaurants and quickly serves with a high volume of orders.

The Pod Global Platform can print certificates from up to 8 devices, making enormous operations a breeze. The printers can be networked to order stations, dry restaurants, wet dining rooms, refreshment corners, and other areas. Setting up a kitchen printer for your diner or café’s benefit is simple.

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