What Affects Our Motivation In The Work Place?

Motivation is the force of drive in people. It defines productivity in our work, efficiency in daily life, and spontaneity in finer things of life. It excites people, drives them to achieve more, and forces them to work to their maximum potential. 

We know that motivation can be a powerful contributor to a company’s profitability and efficiency. So it is only natural that employers are trying to experiment with many different ways to enhance motivation in individuals. So let’s take a closer look at the concept of motivation in the work environment and how employers can facilitate it. 

Motivation In The Organizational Behaviour 

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Employees need to be motivated to actualize their true potential and benefit the work productivity of a company. Motivation in the organizational behavioral context is the energy level, commitment, and enthusiasm that contribute to their ability in the work environment.

Why is it such an important concept and especially in recent times? 

With the covid 19, more and more companies realized the impact of motivation at work. Employees could no longer expect people to come into work for the sake of 9-5 jobs. Work from home became the norm and motivation took a new stance of importance among employees. Employees needed to find ways to improve productivity and change their behavior into achieving the company’s goals and objectives. 

There are few factors that affect the motivation of employees at work. Employees can be motivated using internal factors or external factors. Internal factors are about moving one’s intrinsic motivation. And external factors move extrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic motivation is rooted in one’s desire to achieve excellence and competency. Most forex market trading brokers exhibit a great level of self-confidence and a deeply rooted desire to achieve excellence and profitability. Intrinsic motivation is also affected by things like feedback, criticism, and reinforcements. Positive feedback is one of the biggest factors that impact the overall intrinsic motivation of individuals. 

Intrinsic motivation can also be cultivated by using empowering methods such as team activities and workshops that improve one’s skills. Sometimes giving more meaningful work instead of making employees work on a repetitive routine also may help their intrinsic motivation. 

Next up, we have external factors that foster one’s extrinsic motivation. Extrinsic motivation refers to how people are influenced or moved to do better and reach their full potential with the help of external factors rather than from their own self-belief. These factors include things that hold monetary value, rewards, bonuses, perks, and even promotions. Recognition is a powerful extrinsic motivator. But as a supervisor and a manager, we must be careful with how much rewards and recognition we give to employees. 

Before working our way to inhibit motivation in employees, it is important to survey the current level of motivation and productivity among employees. You can install surveys and questionnaires to understand what the current situation is like and what could be done to change it. Every work environment is different. What works in a financial center or a central bank may not work for a digital marketing agency. A company must develop a system where they focus on implementing a mixed balance of intrinsic motivational factors and extrinsic motivators.

With these in mind, we are just one step closer to creating a more positive and wholesome work environment!

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