What is Quill 18 Cyberjaya?

Quill 18 is a marketing and e-commerce platform designed to help businesses increase sales and dominate the market. As we put it: the world’s largest online shopping destination for fashion, home improvement, furniture, jewelry, electronics, and more. Quill 18 Cyberjaya is a digital marketing company that provides all kinds of marketing services to companies. It has a strong focus on online marketing and web developing services. Quill 18 is a leading Cyberjaya online marketing agency. We are committed to providing effective online marketing solutions for our clients. Our team of professionals is highly skilled in providing effective and timely solutions to the market with their skills and expertise. Quill 18 was named as one of the top 10 agencies for attracting marketers in Malaysia by the Malaysian Marketing Association (MMA) in 2016. 

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We were also ranked first amongst competitive agencies. In 2017, we were again named among other top agencies for attracting marketers in Malaysia by MMA as well as Finance Asia magazine. Quill 18 Cyberjaya is a digital marketing platform that caters to the needs of small and medium sized businesses (SMEs). It helps them in digital marketing tasks, including content creation. They also provide email marketing services. Basically, they are the best marketer agency in Malaysia. Quill 18 Cyberjaya founders started with a small grassroots initiative called CREATE back in 1993. The idea was to take on the task of creating unique content so that it would be more relevant and useful for local Malaysian businesses.

 According to their website, “it was our goal then – and it remains our goal today – to empower local entrepreneurs by providing them with meaningful solutions for their online business needs.” Quill 18 is one of the leading online marketing agencies in Malaysia and the 8th largest online marketing agency in the whole world. Quill’s objective is to help companies connect with their customers through the internet, mobile, social media, and digital. Quill has branches in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand and it currently has over 700 agents across Asia. Quill18 is also a member of Marketing Connexions – a global network of some of the biggest brands in retail, finance, telecommunications, and media. Quill 18 Cyberjaya is an online marketing platform that helps you to optimize your content, create sell-able content and achieve the highest conversion rate. 

Quill 18 is a full-service marketing agency in Cyberjaya. Quill 18 is a digital marketing platform that provides marketers with tools to create, manage and measure their online marketing campaigns. The Quill 18 Cyberjaya is a marketing platform that provides marketers with the tools they need to drive sales through social media and be aware of their customers’ interests. Quill 18 Cyberjaya was founded by CEO Linus “Linn” Kim and Founder, CEO & Chairman of DIGITIMES (DIGITIMES) Mike Singer in 2015. The Quill 18 Cyberjaya is a digital marketing software platform that is created to help online marketers connect with their target audiences by providing them with the tools needed for effective online marketing strategies. The company provides an easy-to-use interface and a comprehensive suite of online marketing solutions to help companies improve their online marketing campaigns.

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