What You Can Do Every Morning To Have A Fresh Start

Are there any night owls reading this? Have you been feeling extra tired recently, staying up all night laying video games or YouTube? If you do stay up at night, what time do you get up each day? Do you get up at 12 noon or 3p.m.? Some of us have been there before but we’re here to inform you what you can do every morning to have a fresh start. A fresh start in the morning is something most of us look forward to. If you’re not a morning person, here are somethings you can do every morning to get a fresh start to your day. These tips will turn any night owls into a brand-new morning person.

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The first thing, you should do to make sure you’re getting up on time is to sleep on time. Sleep is important but getting up is even important. Imagine getting up to a fresh morning where you don’t feel like the sun is glaring at you. To get a head start, you should start sleeping before midnight. Turn off your phone early and you’ll be on your way snoozing at 11pm. You can also drink chamomile tea every night as it induces sleep naturally. Chamomile has relaxing properties that can release tension in your body and will help you get a better good night’s sleep.

Once you get a good night’s sleep, wake up early like 7 am. 7am is the best time to rise as the sun is not out yet and it’s still cooler than the rest of the day. It’s the perfect time for you to rise and slowly get out of your bed. Take a cold shower if you can wake up or take a hot shower to get a head start on your day. Some prefer to exercise when they get up and that’s a great activity to do as well as exercise releases endorphins which make you happy.

Next, you can make your day even better by preparing a breakfast that you enjoy. Some people prefer a large breakfast with lots of coffee while some enjoy a lighter breakfast with tea. We don’t know what you enjoy yet, but we do know that, many early risers enjoy coffee. The dopamine in coffee induces the release of hormones that make you happy. Some people enjoy streaming news while some enjoy looking at forex broker low spread. Many investors actually wake up very early and some as early as 4am to get ahead of their day. Since the stock market starts wherever the time zone of the country starts, they have to be awake too.

Finally, you can do what most people do and just sit. Many people have an earlier start to their mornings to ensure they have enough time to compose themselves before a hectic day. A hectic day is draining enough as it sounds, hence we must ensure that our day is a good one. To have longer resting time in the morning, you can get up earlier and just sit there. Mornings are interesting if you know how to make use of them. We hope you kick start your mornings the right way and have better days ahead.

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