Why is the SIRIM certificate important?

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With the advancement of e-commerce and sales, consumers and sellers have raised their standards and safety requirements for electric and electronic products. However, the majority of them are still perplexed and unfamiliar with the situation, despite the fact that SIRIM Certification is required in order to shelve products in each major marketplace. So, how does this work in practice? It is actually quite simple; all you need to do is understand the requirements and procedures for SIRIM application. Click here on iso 17025 malaysia.

In Malaysia, SIRIM stands for Standard of Industrial and Research Institute. This is the only certification body wholly owned by the Malaysian government. Every factory and company is permitted to apply for SIRIM and use a recognised set of standards to review and obtain approval on electric and electronic products.

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In short, SIRIM Certification is used to validate the safety of electrical and electronic products. Any customer who sees this “SIRIM” sign knows that the electric and electronic products are safe to use. Furthermore, the Malaysian government has explicitly stated that all imported electric and electronic products must be certified by SIRIM before they can be sold in the market. Moving on, the following section will explain the procedures for obtaining a SIRIM Certificate.

Stage One: Evaluation

First, the applicant must confirm that the product has passed the product safety test and has a CB report and related Testing Certificate document.

Without a CB report, the applicant must send a product sample to SIRIM for safety testing, which will take approximately two months.

With the CB report: The applicant must notarize the product to ensure that it has passed the MEPS test. Products that must pass the MEPS test include modulator tubes, fans, refrigerators, and so on. The test will take approximately two months of periodic time.

ST COA is the second stage (Certificate of Approval)

Furthermore, once the product has passed the safety and MEPS tests, the applicant must submit the relevant documentation to the SIRIM authority in order to apply for a Certificate of Approval (ST COA). The application will be processed in about 2 to 3 weeks.

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SIRIM Certification is the third stage.

Finally, the applicant must submit the product’s formal entry file (ST COA). They will arrange an audit to the merchant’s ports or warehouse to implement random inspection after receiving approval from SIRIM. This is for inspection of product parts and associated reports.

If you pass the test, SIRIM will complete the inspection in one month and will issue a certificate to the applicant as well as an invitation to collect the “SIRIM Label.” The applicant must then apply the “SIRIM Label” to certified products before releasing them to the market.

If you fail the test, the applicant must return the entire batch to the factory and provide proof of return, or destroy the disqualified product on the spot. The applicant must purchase the label from SIRIM, and approval will take 7 days. The cost of a label varies depending on the type of consignment, ranging from RM0.50 to RM0.20 per label. The applicant must paste the certified product and be ready to sell.

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