Why You Shouldn’t Be Too Picky About Finding Jobs

Ever gotten that interview that you never even think of going? Ever had that one position offered by a company that you don’t even mind-blowing off? Does this sound familiar? I bet most of us have been there at some point. The reason could be complex to some people, but best believe that some of us are just too choosy when it comes to finding that perfect job for us or to be specific, find jobs in Malaysia.

We cannot deny that maybe, at first these people were initially excited about the position, but after doing a little more research about the company or anything of the sort, they got a little carried away with other opportunities coming their way. Finally, this ended up with them being just not into it anymore. Soon, when they have gotten the reply they initially wanted from the company, they just don’t feel like accepting it anymore.

When these happened, besides getting distracted, several other reasons could come into play as well. For instance, a good friend, perhaps, is pressuring them to talk and get in contact with that awesome company that she just recently joined. These people become super stoked because imagine the fun hours at work along with their best friends. Another reason could be because these people would best prefer to have an extra time outside work to get that daily facial massage instead of having to wait in these dreading long work hours sitting in the same chair at a windowless room with no sunshine coming through.

I think some people can relate to this at some point. I’ve been there too, just maybe on a much smaller scale. The best advice I can give to all of the people having to go through this, just go. Go for that job. Your feelings towards that job position might have changed, but your instinct might still say its right. Or else, you would have not even applied for that position in the first place. Go for it!

That is right, even if the thought of ironing your clothes every morning to go to work is making you feel sick in your stomach, there are at least a few good reasons why you should just suck it up and give it a go. It is now or never, here is why.

 #1 It might be something valuable

Who knew the moment you walked into that door, a hidden, once in a lifetime gem could be found inside? The same moment when we were called to the interview that we thought was not even close to the job scope that we wanted. But you know what, it did not suck, not even a little bit to some people who actually went to that interview and experience the environment in that work themselves.

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In fact, most of them even thought that the office they went to was way beyond their expectations, meaning that the workplace is awesome, the workers there are friendly and have no potential of becoming potential bullies to the new employees, as well as the overall fun, vibrant vibe in the company that they had always looked for.

Several people even thought that the position was right up their alley after working at the company they were dreading about for a few weeks. They know that if they had ever blown the job position off, they would have missed out on such an amazing opportunity. This is why you should never be scared to give anything of any sort a try! You could have ended up with amazing job offers that you couldn’t refuse.

Well, as the saying goes, the truth is we can’t judge a book by its cover or in this particular case, we can’t just judge a position merely by its small job description that you read on the website. That company that you might find boring and was never the ultimate choice of job in your mind might actually land you a lifetime worth experience. If you’re even luckier, you might even land in the middle of a brilliant, supportive, fun-loving work team. Or, that job position you get offered for but probably won’t pay much might actually end up surprising you.

#2 Learn something new every day

Alright there, don’t get mad. It is true that not every job position that you accepted and get into will be a ‘hidden gem’. But, a less-than-exciting workplace might even be a great solution and practice for you to land your dream job. Even if you have mastered or skilled that certain area of expertise flawlessly, there might still be a thing or two that you are lacking in knowledge about. It is impossible to assume that you have known how to do every single thing in the industry. This chance of having to work at the company that you don’t want to in the first place might be the opportunity for you to learn more things that you have no clue before.

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Who knows that getting out of your comfort zone and poking that little bubble of yours to step outside and do something out of the norm might even be enjoyable for you and perhaps, you would even catch yourself having tons of fun doing that workload. Or, this workplace could even be the spot to enhance your skills even more and nothing beats putting your skills into real-life practice.

What’s more, is that you might even face situations that you have never in your mind think to prepare for. This is also something that might involve you doing something that is out of your area of expertise. It can be a way for you to be skilful in various areas and get you even more prepared to work in the industry that you really wanted. The more things that you are exposed to, the more prepared you will be when you finally land for that company you have been dreaming in your sleep about.

#3 The more insider info, the better

Last but not least, you have to think of every job opportunity as a chance to hone in on what the industry of the work-life is really looking for, especially on how they do certain things and their work system. Paying attention to how the workloads in your company are evolving, and how they interact with other shareholders might even give you certain benefits. You can learn a few skills that you cannot just get out of nowhere if you do not work in companies that really take their identity and visions, as well as their workers seriously. The skills that you learned can give you a good sense of how to shine in the future.

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Furthermore, I am at risk of sounding like a stalker, but yes, landing any job position at all is a great chance to get a little inside information on how other companies do things. Sharpening your skills is one thing, but the interesting tidbit that you can bring back is another thing. You may earn some free, easy industry advice for yourself, the others do not even have to know where you got it. Your company themselves have thought you so many things from perhaps, how to deal with specific business-like people to handling the recent changes happening in the field.

All in all, landing a job opportunity for yourself does not always mean you are always going to be stoked about it. It is never going to be all that exciting. The roads are bumpy in some places but I believe that these people in the real work-life industry can teach you in many ways possible. If you treat the draggy time you work there as a learning experience, it’s definitely worth your time. You might even be surprised and never wanting to be too picky about finding that perfect job anymore. 

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